The Company

New Zealand Trust & Investment Corporation Ltd (NZTIC) is a New Zealand registered company with offices in the business district of Newmarket, Auckland city. We are part of an international group of trust companies, giving us substantial depth and experience in onshore and offshore legal structuring, as well as offshore financial services.

Our primary focus is on providing New Zealand domiciled legal and financial structures as investment vehicles for non New Zealand residents. We highlight the excellent international reputation of New Zealand for political and economic stability, and the use of the favourable foreign trust regime existing in New Zealand.

Our Staff

Our business relies on the professionalism and energy of our staff. All our professional staff have worked in offshore centres, and are properly trained in all operational aspects, particularly those relating to client confidentiality.

Client Protection - Fidelity Insurance

Our clients are protected against misappropriation, negligence or theft through a Fidelity Insurance Policy issued by a New Zealand public insurance company to the extent of $10 million.

Director Profiles




Iaveta Short (LLB, OBE)

Iaveta Short graduated in law at the University of Auckland in 1968, and has had extensive experience in offshore matters. He has had a distinguished international career as a lawyer, a Cabinet Minister, and foreign diplomat, and was awarded an OBE from Her Majesty the Queen in 1998.


Reuben Tylor (BA, LLB)

Reuben Tylor graduated in law at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, in 1973 and became a partner in a law firm in 1975. He played a significant part in setting up the Cook Islands offshore jurisdiction in 1982 and in 1989 pioneered and developed the asset protection legislation for which the Cook Islands is the dominant international jurisdiction. Reuben was appointed as a principal of a trustee company in 1982 and has specialised in offshore work since that time. He is a member of the International Tax Planning Association and the Offshore Institute.